Your Own Message – Custom Neon Signs

Looking to advertise your small business? Make sure you do it in a way that attracts the maximum number of potential customers. In any field of business you can see a wide variety of advertising methods. You might, for example, observe many larger companies advertising their business via radio, television and the internet. They may also advertise in newspapers and magazines.  Those are some of hte best ways to advertise a product or service. However, these methods are extremely expensive, and potentially not as effective as using local signage.

Do a little research, and you might be surprised at the effectiveness of a simple neon sign. If you are worrying about the money that you need to spend  in this sign then you should consider the potential return on investment.  These signs typically cost anywhere from $250 for a small sign with a short message, up into the $500 range for a larger, 2×3 foot sign with 2 to 3 lines of text.

They have a colorful design and style, with the letters made of glass-tubes…bent to form the words you want to have. Those glass-tube has a neon gas and low pressure. The neon gas produces a bright glow if there is a high-voltage applied to it.   This handcrafted approach makes neon signs more attractive than their modern counterpart…led window signs.

Why custom though?  For example, there are a lot of pizza signs, of a stock design.  Many of them are highly attractive, but they just aren’t unique.   Having a sign designed just for your business means that your sign will stand out in a potential customer’s memory. Similar for a motel sign…everyone has a “NO VACANCY” sign..why not be a little different, and have something like “ROOMS AVAILABLE / SOLD OUT”?   Customers will understand the message, but the unique approach means they will remember your business.

There are many online vendors that you can consider for your neon sign. All allow you to choose the font style and color that you want in your sign. Try to look for those that go a little farther, however…for example, some will create a mockup of the design that you want before making your purchase.

These signs last anywhere from 7 to about 10 years, with the most common part to fail being the electronic ballast.  Your initial spend of a few hundred dollars, however, is often paid back within a few weeks or months.  This makes a custom neon sign a low-cost investment that pays off in spades.

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