Cheap LED Open Signs … Buy Carefully

Have you been searching google trying to find  cheap led open signs?   There’s several different types, so you should know what you are getting before you buy one.

Under $50

Cheap, Low Quality LED Sign

a typical cheap, low quality, led open sign

There’s really only two kinds of cheap LED open signs you’ll find for under $50, really cheap new ones, or perhaps a good deal on a used one on eBay or Craigslist. Continue reading

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Signs for your Small Business Drive Sales

Small businesses often ignore the tremendous benefits expert use of signage can provide. Signs can readily identify any business to potential customers, or help customers find a shop when they are unfamiliar with the geographical area where a business is located. Signs are taken for granted by customers because they saturate the environment and are so great a part of modern life, that customers often do not realize how signage influences everyday buying decisions. Continue reading

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Your Own Message – Custom Neon Signs

Looking to advertise your small business? Make sure you do it in a way that attracts the maximum number of potential customers. In any field of business you can see a wide variety of advertising methods. You might, for example, observe many larger companies advertising their business via radio, television and the internet. They may also advertise in newspapers and magazines.  Those are some of hte best ways to advertise a product or service. However, these methods are extremely expensive, and potentially not as effective as using local signage. Continue reading

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